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last update @ September 22, 2016


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Activity Logs

September 22, 2016
- Hugs and Quiches: coffee10, whitechocolate09, fettuccinealfredo11
- Hugs and Quiches: agedashitofu19, summerrolls18, burgers14
- Upcoming Dishes: mashedpotatoes02, hotdogs19
- Wine Pairings: smoothie02, coffee12, chickennuggets13
- Wine Pairings: waffles18, tea19, coffee09
- Spin the Cheese Wheel: bakedpotatoes15, coleslaw20, deviledeggs10
- Spin the Cheese Wheel: buffalowings11, shrimpcocktail12, bananas20
- Make Peas, Not War: asparagus07
- Make Peas, Not War: shrimpcocktail08, friedchicken03, deviledeggs12
- Sweet Surprise: asparagus10, buffalowings09
- Sweet Surprise: cheese04, californiaroll07
- Jelly Bean Jar: asparagus18, tea20
- Jelly Bean Jar: scallops09, shrimpcocktail06
- 21 to Drink: guacamole11, sushi13
- 21 to Drink: cheese10, friedchicken07
- Kitchen Inferno: lemonade15, cupcakes18, scallops06
- Kitchen Inferno: burgers06, friedchicken10, deviledeggs17
- Leftovers (September 22): tea17, lambchops12
- Leftovers (September 22): smokedsalmon15, icedtea04
- Soup Kitchen: shrimp06, smokedsalmon07
- Soup Kitchen: tomatosoup14, tea10

September 16, 2016
- Hugs and Quiches: lambchops20, hotdogs16, friedchicken09
- Upcoming Dishes: bakedpotatoes13, coffee16
- 21 to Drink: agedashitofu02, banhmi05
- Spin the Cheese Wheel: roastduck14, tea16, paella02, deviledeggs06
- Make Peas, Not War: wine17
- Game of Cones: cupcakes16, chocchipcookies20, pizza11
- Sweet Surprise: bruschetta14, californiaroll10
- Jelly Bean Jar: coffee01, friedeggs12
- Leftovers (September 16): smokedsalmon12, applepie20
- Kitchen Inferno: filetmignon10, californiaroll12, guacamole01
- Soup Kitchen: icedtea16, tea11

September 06, 2016
- New Decks: bentobox02, bentobox17, mashedpotatoes06, mashedpotatoes18, bacon03, coffee09
- OLYMPICS: bentobox13, lambchops03, oysters02, smokedsalmon11, mashedpotatoes14, icedtea03, icedtea20, smokedsalmon18
- EATS: bentobox09, mashedpotatoes04, bakedpotatoes20, lambchops11
- New Decks: applepie02, applepie09, tea15, tea20, icecream03, icecream11, doughnuts15, wine13
- SCHOOL: smokedsalmon03, bacon03, mashedpotatoes20, smokedsalmon19, mashedpotatoes09, applepie14

September 05, 2016
- New Decks: californiaroll11, californiaroll15, lemonade18, lemonade09, oreo02, oreo15, avocados15, bruschetta03
- 09/05: smokedsalmon09, icedtea05
- LABOR: smokedsalmon16, icedtea11, bentobox15, mashedpotatoes15, raspberries14
- Upcoming Dishes: waffles02, bacon17
- 21 to Drink: filetmignon01, icedtea18
- Spin the Cheese Wheel: buffalowings11, apples13, sushi02, spaghetti03
- Hugs and Quiches: smokedsalmon13, smoothie10, icecream01
- Make Peas, Not War: cupcakes03, chocolatecake16, mashedpotatoes02
- Wine Pairings: bruschetta04, buffalowings13, roastduck15
- Shredded: chocolatecake12, chocolatecake11
- Game of Cones: spaghetti15, oysters06, avocados17
- Sweet Surprise: oysters16, broccoli12, buffalowings05
- Jelly Bean Jar: apples06, bruschetta04
- Leftovers (September 5): smokedsalmon13, mashedpotatoes10
- Kitchen Inferno: spaghetti16, watermelon10, macarons20
- Soup Kitchen: crablegs07, lemonade01
- Starter Pack: smokedsalmon05, smokedsalmon06, icedtea06, bibimbap08, waffles18, coleslaw04, crablegs16

Trade Logs

September 09, 2016
- Traded Hotaru: my californiaroll11, californiaroll15, cupcakes03, icecream01, icecream03, icecream11, roastduck15, wine13 for smokedsalmon01, applepie11, bakedpotatoes03, icedtea01, icedtea09, icedtea10, icedtea19, raspberries17

September 06, 2016
- Traded Ash: my apples06, apples13 for smokedsalmon10, smokedsalmon20